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General terms and conditions

General Information

Schnoor plastic APS
Valsgårdvej 10, Tofte
9500 Hobro

TEL: +45 9852 3357


CVR .: 26821452

Deployment year: 1995


On you can pay with:

Dankort (fee see here)

E-dankort (fee see here)

Visa / debit card (fee see here)

Danish credit cards

There have attached a card fee with the use of the various payment options. The fee for using the respective debit and modes are indicated in parentheses.

There is no fee for online payments

The amount raised first on your card when goods are shipped from There can never be deducted an amount greater than what you have approved the acquisition.


To get your product delivered, you must pay the freight. The freight depends on its weight and size.

Below you can see what your shipping costs:

• Prices DK

• Prices EU

Delivery is with POST DK. Delivery time is 3-5 days in Denmark all other countries longer. We ship all of Scandinavia and most of the EU towards the payment of the freight.


You have 14 days to cancel when you shop at

The withdrawal period will expire 14 days after the day you;

a) Received your item

b) Get the last item in physical possession, when it comes to an agreement on several items that have been ordered in one order and delivered separately

c) Have the last batch or the last part in physical possession when it concerns a contract for the supply of a product consisting of multiple lots or parts

You must, within 14 days of receipt and give us notification that you want to cancel your purchase. Notification shall be given by mail at or tel .: +45 9852 3357 In your message, make us clearly aware that you want to use your right of withdrawal. You can also choose to use our standard withdrawal form and send with the return. You can find it at the bottom of this document and sent with your order confirmation

You cannot undo by simply reject the goods without giving us clear notification on this.


You must send your order back to us without delay and no later than 14 days after you have notified us that you wish to cancel your purchase. You must bear the direct cost of returning the goods. When returning, you are responsible for goods are packaged securely. You bear the risk from the time of delivery.

Items excluded withdrawal

The following product types are excluded withdrawal:

  • Contracts covered by Danish consumer laws § 7 paragraph. 2:

- Delivery of food, beverages or other goods for household use that as physically supplied to the consumer's home, residence or workplace by a trader on frequent and regular rounds,

- Formation or transfer of rights in immovable property with the exception of distance contracts relating to financial services or of distance contracts relating to the rental of real estate,

- Construction of the building,

- Subject to § 1. 1 of the Act on consumer contracts for the use of lodgings timeshare, long-term holiday products, etc.

- Subject to § 1. 1 of the Act on packages,

- Games, where participation is paid a money bet, or

- Where the goods and the purchase price is exchanged simultaneously with the conclusion of contracts away from the trader's premises if the purchase price does not exceed 350 kr.

  • 2. Accomplished not financial services, provision of the service has begun with the consumer's prior express consent and acknowledgment of the right of withdrawal ceases when the service is fully performed,
  • 3. The supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized,
  • 4. Delivery of goods likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly,
  • 5. Delivery of sealed products of protection of health or hygiene reasons not suitable to be returned, and where the seal has been broken after delivery,
  • 6. Delivery of goods which, because of their nature are inseparably mixed with other items at delivery,
  • 7. The supply of alcoholic beverages, where the price was set by the purchase agreement and delivery can only take place after 30 days and the actual value will depend on market conditions, the trader's control,
  • 8. Agreements on specific urgent repair or maintenance work in the consumer, as this pre explicitly requested,
  • 9. Delivery of sealed audio or video recordings or computer software which were unsealed,
  • 10. Delivery of newspapers, periodicals or magazines with the exception of subscription contracts for the supply of such publications,
  • 11. Any agreements at public auction,
  • 12. Provision of services in the form of accommodation other than for residential purpose, transport of goods, car rental, catering or services related to leisure activities if the provisions of the Agreement on the date or within the specified period the service to be performed,
  • 13. The supply of digital content which is not supplied on a tangible medium if the performance has begun with the consumer's prior express consent and acknowledgment that he thereby loses his right of withdrawal,
  • 14. Financial services covered by the Act on Credit Bonds etc.
  • 15. Contracts for goods, securities or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market, the trader has no influence and which may occur during the withdrawal period.


Grading, when you send it back

You are only liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling other than what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and the way it works. In other words - you can try the product in the same way as if you tried it in a physical store.

If the product is tested in addition to what is described above, we consider it as used, which means if you withdrawal from purchase, only get part or none of the purchase amount back, depending on the product's commercial value

In order to receive the entire purchase amount you must therefore do the same as you can in a physical store. You must test the product, but do not actual use it.

Refund of the purchase amount

If you regret your purchase, you will get the amount you have paid back. In the event of impairment, you are liable to be deducted from the purchase amount.

If you use your right of withdrawal, we will refund all payments received from you, including delivery costs (excluding additional costs as a result of your own choice of delivery other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by us), without undue delay and in any case within 14 days from the date we receive notice of your decision to withdraw from this contract. We carry out such reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise.

We may withhold reimbursement until we have received the product, unless you have supplied evidence of having returned it.

If you regret your purchase, the product must be sent to:

Schnoor plastic APS
Valsgårdvej 10, Tofte
9500 Hobro


You can also cancel by giving message and deliver it in person at the above address.

What should I send back?

You must attach a copy of the order confirmation. The expedition goes faster if you also fill out our form: standard withdrawal form (see below)

Note: We do not accept packages sent. COD.


Danish consumer laws lack rules may apply to purchases.

When you shop at you have the 24 month warranty. This means that you either get it repaired or replaced, refund or reduction in price, depending on the specific situation.

Of course it is a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect is not caused by an incorrect use of the product or other injurious behavior.

How soon should I advertise?

You must complain within "reasonable time" after you have discovered the defect. If you advertise within two months after the defect is discovered, the complaint will always be timely.

We will refund reasonable freight costs

If the complaint is justified we will refund your (reasonable) shipping costs.

Product should be sent to:

Schnoor plastic APS
Valsgårdvej 10, Tofte
9500 Hobro


We need the following information when sending items to us

When you return the product, please state the problem, as detailed as possible.

Note We do not accept packages sent. COD or similar.

Remember that the product must always be returned in protective packaging, and remember to get a receipt for shipment, so we can reimburse your shipping costs.

If you send goods to the cancellation or complaint, you will always get a mail when we receive the product. In the mail you get information about the further information of processing of your cancellation / complaint.


Privacy Policy

For you to enter into an agreement with us on, we need the following information:

E-mail address


We record of your personal information for the purpose of delivering goods to you.

Personal information registered with Schnoor plastic APS and kept for five years, after which the data are deleted.

When collecting personal information through our website, we ensure that it always happens when submitting your explicit consent, so that you are informed of exactly what information is collected and why.

Director and IT DEP at Schnoor plastic APS has access to the information recorded about you.

The controller on is Tony Rud Jensen / IT-TEKN

We do not store customer data encrypted.

We do not transmit customer data encrypted.

Information provided to Is not transmitted or sold in any way to third parties, and we will not record any sensitive personal information.

As registered with Schnoor plastic APS, you always have the right to oppose registration. You also have the right to inspect the information recorded about you. These rights are according to the Danish Privacy Act, Any queries regarding this should be directed to Schnoor plastic APS via email


If you have a complaint about your purchase, please contact Schnoor plastic on or via tel .: +45 9852 3357 If we fail to find a solution, you can file a complaint with the relevant boards in the area if the conditions are fulfilled.

 Standard withdrawal form

 This form is to complete and returned only if you want to withdrawal;

1) To:

Schnoor plastic APS
Valsgårdvej 10
9500 Hobro
TEL: 9852 3357


CVR .: 26821452

 2) I hereby give notice that I wish to withdraw in the context of my contract of sale of the following products:
































3) Date of ordering:


4) Date of receipt:


5) Consumer's full name:


6) The consumer's address:


7) Signature of the consumer (only if this form is notified on paper):


8) Date