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About Schnoor Plast

Our company

At Schnoor Plast we produce everything in plastic elements. We have extensive experience with both hard and soft plastics.

 We are in possession of 3D printer, just as we make our tools, which facilitates the entire process from idea to product.

At Schnoor Plast we have achieved high professional level through years of experience, where we have worked for both private individuals and several of Denmark's largest companies.

 The company has developed in rapid succession, and today is still known for high quality and quick delivery

 - In some cases even day-to-day.

Our team

Seven employees are moving around, every day at the production floor.


Schnoor Plast APS was founded in 1984 by current owner and CEO Kjeld Schnoor.

Kjeld Schnoor was originally trained as a toolmaker and started his business as a subcontractor to a local toy factory. Here he could, with its new modern machine, support the toy manufacturer.

Schnoor Plast was frequently used as a subcontractor because the company was known for its high quality

and fast delivery.